Welcome to Pelvic Prep for Birth!

This course is divided into the following sections:

3rd Trimester Exercises

  • Preparing muscles and joint for optimal mobility and flexibility.
  • Connecting with your pelvic floor and lengthen for delivery.

Reducing Perineal Injury

  • Learn about perineal massage and how to perform it.
  • Current evidence based interventions to help reduce injury.

Labor and Delivery Positions

  • Discuss body positions to help open the pelvic inlet and outlet to get the baby through the pelvis.
  • Options for breathing for pushing and connecting with the pelvic floor and abdominals.

Early postpartum recovery

  • When to start breathing, pelvic floor and core exercises.
  • Learn about diastasis recti abdominis and how to self screen for it.
  • Guidelines for returning to activity and exercise.

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