In this course, you will learn how to:

- Connect with your pelvic floor

- Prepare your muscles and joints to have optimal mobility for labor

- Reduce perineal injury and tearing

- Help move your baby through the pelvis with different labor positions

- Start recovery of your pelvic floor and core

- Self screen for diastasis recti abdominis (abdominal widening)

- Return to exercise with research based activity guidelines

Course includes 20 videos and 5 PDF handouts

3rd Trimester Exercises
  • Prepare pelvic floor for increased flexibility for increased ease of the baby out of the pelvis.
  • Prepare hip joints for optimal mobility.
  • Reduce higher grades of perineal tearing.
  • Exercises start around 34-35 weeks of pregnancy with clearance from birth provider.
Labor Positions
  • 1st and 2nd stage labor positions options with and without an epidural.
  • Learn how to open the pelvic inlet and outlet to get the baby moving through the pelvis easier.
  • Evidence on benefits of various positions.
  • Pushing strategies connecting with pelvic floor and breathing.
Early Postpartum Recovery
  • Early exercises including breathing, pelvic floor, and lower abdominals to optimize recovery.
  • Learn how to reduce strain on abdominals getting in and out of bed.
  • Self screen for diastasis recti abdominis.
  • Timeline for return to general activity and exercise.


"Each bit of information gives me confidence for my first birthing experience and I really appreciate the detailed handouts. This should be a required class for all expecting mothers!"

"I felt so much more prepared going into labor knowing the practices and positions Dr. Kellen taught me to use in delivery."

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